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What’s it?

The Virtual Home Staging makes use of 3D modeling programs in order to enhance the location of a property and to highlight its real potentiality. By the creation of photorealistic rendering of the location, to insert on some magazines, on web advertisements or in an estate agency, it’s possible to catch the attention of purchasers that otherwise would not be attracted to the real situation of the property. The elaboration of 3D clear plans with different furniture solutions simplifies the comprehension of the spaces also by inexperienced people.

bagno_01open_01 cucina_01


The advantages that you obtain are:

  • speed of sale: reduction of selling times of more than 50%;
  • higher incomes: more profits thanks to the speed of sale;
  • economic saving: the cost of the Virtual Home Staging is lower than the price decrease that interests a property unsold for a long time;
  • greater visibility: more interest from the purchasers.


The renderings and the 3D plans are send in digital format.The size proposed are:

  • 800x600px; 72Dpi for web;
  • 3508×2480; 300Dpi for printing.