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Service centre C.S.I.A.

Realization of a Service Center in the industrial area of Gorizia

The new Service Center is born on the desire of Industrial and Handcrafted Development Agency of Gorizia – C.S.I.A., in the industrial area of the city. The intervention, realized in 4 lots, has dealt with the realization of all the urbanization works at the service of the center, such as urban services, parking and infrastructures. The project has also concerned with the construction of some buildings and with their structural and plant setting up, in order to enable them to accommodate the rotary printing machines for the newspapers “Il Piccolo” and “Il Messaggero Veneto”, successively sent in all the Country.

Client C.S.I.A-Consorzio di sviluppo industriale e artigianale di Gorizia
Dimensional data 39.500 mq
Chronology 2000-2011
Location A. Gregorcic street (GO)