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Sant’Antonio square

Urban requalification of S. Antonio Square in Gorizia

S.Antonio square is situated in the historical center of the city of Gorizia and represents the extension of the Duomo square (the actual Cavour square). The project has dealt with the realization of the new monumental staircase, that allows the entrance to the square, and with the renewal of all the paving stones.Also the illumination system has been renewed and redesigned in order to improve the location.

During the works, approved by the government departments responsible for the architectural and archaeological buildings (“Soprintendenza Regionale ai beni Architettonici” and the “Soprintendenza Regionale ai beni archeologici”), the ruins of the ancient convent situated in the center of the square were brought to light and classified.

Client  Municipality of Gorizia
Dimensional data  6.300 mq
Chronology   2008-2011
Location  Sant’Antonio square (GO)
Credits photo  Radany56,Enrico Cian,Luca Rigato,Orso, Olymca, Johannhans, Di Zanutto