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San Floriano del Collio

Urban requalification in the Municipality of San Floriano del Collio

San Floriano del Collio is a small town known for the wine quality and the beautiful landscape. From the elevated position of the location you’re able to enjoy all the Friulian plain up to Grado, and the sinuous hills of the Italian and Slovenian Collio. The intervention has dealt with the requalification of the main places of the town: Libertà square and the Municipality area. In an attempt to improve the location, were realized the natural stone and the lighting system, and were accomplished some viewpoints in order to fully enjoy the beautiful landscape. The municipality building has also been involved into a maintenance work, that has given to it a new look.

Client Municipality of San Floriano del Collio
Dimensional data 5000 mq
Chronology 2008-2012
Location San Floriano del Collio (GO)