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Project 04

House with fireplace

The living area of the house is composed by the fireplace, a contemporary interpretation of the “Fogolâr Furlan”, that works both as a fulcrum and as a separation element between the living area and the kitchen. The different vocation of the two areas is further highlighted by the use of different materials for the pavements and different colors of the walls. The result is the perception of two different areas in the same space. By a staircase in view, it’s possible to access to the first level of the house. The use of a glass parapet is able to allow the diffusion of the light coming from the skylights of the wooden roof. The neutral color of the surfaces and the contrast with the shiny finish of the accessories and the furniture convey a sense of simple and comfortable elegance.

Dimensional data 160 mq
Chronology 2009
Location Province of Udine