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Parking area and playground

Realization of a parking area and a playground in the Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle

Before the project, the parking area in San Dorligo della Valle, near to the Cultural Center France Prešeren and the adjacent Visitor Center of Val Rosandra was an abandoned area with damaged pavements, that forced the Municipality to a continuous maintenance in order to fill up the holes caused by the atmospheric agents and the heavy vehicles. After the intervention, this area is sufficiently well-lighted, paved and partially planted, and it’s able to contain tidily about 60 cars. In the natural difference in high, in front of the parking area, a playground has been realized. It is accessible by a ramp walkable by both wheelchairs and strollers.

Client Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle
Dimensional data : 3900 mq
Chronology: 2007-2010
Location: Bagnoli della Rosandra, San Dorligo della Valle (TS)