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the park of roses

Requalification of the playground near to the Park of Roses in Grado

The project has dealt with the complete requalification of the playground of the Park of Roses in Grado, with the preliminary draft of the Technical Bureau of the Municipality. In the public park four different playing areas have been realized, each one with a specific theme: “the sea”, “the lagoon”, “the rock” and “the small lake”, in which a lot of playing equipments for children from two to fourteen years old have been placed. Near to the entrance of the park, there is the main meeting point of the whole area, characterized by the presence of a bar kiosk, in which there are some restrooms, and of a multifunctional tensile structure.  Thanks to this project the pedestrian path is easily available by wheelchairs and strollers.  Moreover a lot of urban furniture such as drinking fountains, benches, tables and baskets were placed. The entire area has been completely planted with the native plant species. The playground of the park has a 6.000m2 surface and can host up to 140 children.

Client Comune di Grado
Dimensional data 6.000 m2
Chronology 2015
Location Parco delle Rose, Grado (GO)