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Palmanova’s library

Completion of the Municipal Library in Palmanova

The building of the municipal library of Palmanova is situated in the inner part of the city fortified walls, on the corner of Borgo Aquileia and Loredan Street. Supposedly built between the end of the Nineteenth century and the first years of the Twentieth century, the building initially worked as accommodation for senior army officers.

The project has dealt with the conclusion of the first level of the building, left untreated after the recent restoration that made practicable the ground level.

Then the electrical and air-conditioning systems have been created, a part of the doors and windows replaced and all the inner finishing works, such as pavements, plasters, wall coverings and paintings completed.

The intervention has also included the requalification of the garden near to the building. This location has been conveniently adapted in order to allow the execution of cultural events, like conferences, book launches, cinema etc.

Client Municipality of Palmanova
Dimensional data Building: 400 mq | Garden: 700 mq
Chronology 2014-2016
Location Palmanova (UD)