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ex prefecture

Restoration and reutilization of the Ex Prefecture building in Monfalcone

The project has dealt with the restoration and the renovation of the basement and the first level of the ex Prefecture of Monfalcone building, located in Piazza della Repubblica (Republic Square), in the attempt to designate it as headquarters of the municipality’s technical services.  The project has been drafted in association with the Soprintendenza ai Beni Architettonici of Trieste, because of the listed building. The intervention has consisted in the modernization of all the plant systems, the elimination of  architectural barriers thanks to the installation of an elevator, the adjustment of paths and services, the maintenance and the recovery of quality finishing elements, such as pavements, doors and windows.

Client  Municipality of Monfalcone
Dimensional data   10.150 mc
Chronology 2006-2010
Location  Republic Square, Monfalcone (GO)