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ciclyng line – C.S.I.A.

Realization of cycling lanes in the “P.T.I.” of the industrial area in Gorizia

The project has dealt with the realization of cycling lanes in the industrial area of Gorizia, in parallel with the Strada Provinciale 8 (County Road), that connects the residential area of the administrative center with the that of Savogna d’Isonzo. In addition to the realization of paths, with a length of 1600 meters on both sides of the County Road and realized with durable materials with low maintenance cost, a street lighting system has been realized by the only use of led lights, able to guarantee high luminous efficiency with low energy consumption.

Client C.S.I.A. – Consorzio di Sviluppo Industriale e Artigianale di Gorizia
Dimensional data 1600 ml
Chronology 2012-2014
Location  A.Gregorcic street (GO)