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The firm is born from the fusion of the expertise of three partners, and operates in the fields of architecture and engineering, addressing to public and private clients.

The professional organization and the incessant update of the staff contributed to the realization of complex and multidisciplinary projects, helping the clients during the entire design and realization of the project.



nuova_marcello_bnMarcello Fiscelli


He graduated from the Architecture University IUAV of Venice in 2003, with a design thesis in aerospace architecture (shown at the Earth & Space 2004 convention in Houston-Texas-USA and published in the volume Ramesh B. Malla, Arup Maji, Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments, American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston-Virginia, 2004). He works as a freelance professional from 2004, dealing with the design and the management of public building projects, of infrastructures and of urban renewal. He collaborates with some Public Administrations, for which he acts as a consultant and a Sole Project Manager (the Italian “RUP”) in the field of public works.


barbara_fotoBarbara Franco


She graduated from the Architecture University IUAV of Venice in 2005, with a sustainable design thesis relating to bio-architecture. She works as a freelance professional from 2006, dealing with residential construction, interior design, urban and landscape requalification. She’s also licensed to the position of Safety Coordinator in the temporary and mobile construction sites.